Woman of Valour: An Evolving View of the Jewish Body
The artwork I make grants me access into a world that goes far beyond text. By staging issues of faith on the lived-in and performed body, I seek to explore how ritual has been passed down through the text to turn into existing practice. Exploring the space in-between the letters on the page or parchment where revelation continuously transpires and sometimes power disparities emerge. Taking ownership of and sometimes literally embodying Jewish sources through object making and ritual recreating carves the space for an active and engaged dialogue with the text itself.

Working with inherent gendered liturgy found within Jewish tradition with a broad political and historical scope, my artwork enacts the ubiquitous social, cultural, and personal reality created through this specific inheritance. I work specifically with the interaction of Judaism and the body, combining Traditional Text study of Biblical and Talmudic sources with contemporary history of the Jewish body and my lived experience